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Slovenia-based NiceHash connects miners, or people selling their hashing/computer power, with people willing to pay for that power. Škraba, the marketplace s head of marketing, told Reuters that the company was targeted by a highly professional attack that involved sophisticated social engineering. Where do they come from and do they have any other role than pure pumping of bitcoin s price. See alsoCryptocurrency mining marketplace loses $64 million to hackers NiceHash says it was targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack. What happens when it runs out of room for wallets.

19/09/2017 Ethereum is an alternative blockchain that bears many similarities but also many differences to Bitcoin. bodnarchuk via Getty Images A cryptocurrency marketplace called NiceHash has suffered a security breach that left its bitcoin wallet tens of millions of dollars lighter. 06/01/2018 Did you know Bitfinex explicitly allows wash trading. Cryptocurrency mining marketplace loses $64 million to hackers NiceHash says it was targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack cryptocurrency mining 2017 reddit. One is a node, the other connects to it, but what for.

Learn what makes it stand out in this article. Unfortunately, Škraba didn t reveal more details than that, but it s advising users to change their passwords on NiceHash and other services -- great advice now that bitcoin looks more alluring to hackers than ever cryptocurrency mining 2017 reddit. Bitfalls 12/02/2018 Let s explain some Ethereum tools necessary for proper participation in the network: Geth and Mist.Walton.
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To summarize the tax rules for cryptocurrency in the United States, cryptocurrency is an investment property, and you owe taxes when you sell, trade, or use it.
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With its passion and perma-excitement, the cryptocurrency community sometimes deludes itself into thinking that it is a self-regulating market that doesn’t need (or isn’t subject to) government intervention to weed out bad actors. 1 “Self-regulation,” usually refers to an abstract notion that bad actors will eventually be removed by the action of …
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Litecoin, a smaller cousin of bitcoin, has seen its value more than double in just one day. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee tweeted a sobering warning to those not prepared to lose their entire investment. Still, Litecoin fans on Reddit were preparing celebrations, some of which seem fairly risky
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18-09-2017 · The Pirate Bay is experimenting with an unconventional way of raising money: hijacking visitors' web browsers to "mine" cryptocurrencies. The torrent-news site TorrentFreak is reporting that the piracy site has introduced a piece of software that stealthily uses the processing power of users
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06-12-2017 · Hackers emptied the entire contents of a digital wallet belonging to NiceHash, a cryptocurrency company. NiceHash didn't say how much was stolen, but customers speculate that it could total around $63 million in bitcoin. Many of the funds belonged to the company's customers, who use the site to
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